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The leading team of Newcastle immigration lawyers

Looking for immigration lawyers in Newcastle? Our specialist team of solicitors are ready to help you with all your immigration-related legal needs.

If you want to speak to someone, call us on 0191 303 8965 to discuss your query with one of our knowledgeable, excellent and friendly immigration specialists.

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    Do you need an immigration solicitor based in Newcastle?

    As one of the leading law firms in Newcastle, we understand the complexities involved in each immigration-related case. We offer support with immigration applications, Family and Partner Visas, British citizenship, and Business and Work Visas.

    We have a team of highly trained lawyers who can assist with immigration law issues. You can be assured that all of our valued clients receive the highest level of professional attention.

    Your personal adviser will discuss your case to understand your objectives before making a recommendation on your legal eligibility. As part of the process, your solicitor will complete your application and create a letter of recommendation.

    We understand the complexities of immigration applications and how important they are for you and your family. We work tirelessly on your behalf and your needs are our utmost priority.

    As a registered UK immigration law firm, we work to make a huge quality impact on your application process. If you have any questions, we will discuss these with you to ensure you are kept up to date with each step in the process. Our client care team are always on hand to speak with you about your case.

    To learn more, call our friendly team today on 0191 303 8965 for a confidential discussion about how we can help with your case.

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      Our Services

      We are delighted to be able to offer you the best OISC-accredited immigration lawyer services in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. We are experts in the field of immigration law and our services reflect our commitment to helping all our clients achieve their goals.

      British Residency and UK Nationality

      Applying for British citizenship can be undertaken in a number of different routes. In order to become a British citizen, you may apply for indefinite leave to remain.

      With indefinite permission to remain, you have lawful status as a settled person in the UK. For many immigrants who wants a life in London, applying for British Residency and UK Nationality is the final step in the process.

      Our expert immigration solicitors in Newcastle will be able to advise on the documents you need to submit. As well as this, they can help you identify the requirements for achieving citizenship.

      Due to the complex nature of the system, you can be reassured that our specialist lawyers work with you every step of the way to increase your chances of a successful application and settling in the UK.

      Asylum Seekers and Detainees

      We work closely with our asylum-seeking clients to assist them with their cases. The UK asylum process is complex and we provide bespoke legal advice.

      For those who have left their home country and are seeking emergency asylum in the UK, our immigration lawyers in Newcastle can assist with the legal aspects of their case.

      Due to the nature of these cases, we can provide emergency support to those who have been detained or who have been issued deportation orders.

      Every asylum case is unique and will require a thorough understanding of the facts. Contact us if you are in need of legal advice. Our professional advisers will discuss your case and explore all your options.

      Family and Partner Visas

      The Family and Partner Visas permit you, already living in the UK, to bring your spouse or close family members to the UK.

      There are a number of family and partner visa applications that we can assist you with. Our Newcastle immigration solicitors are experts in:

      UK Family Visas: A British citizen living in the UK may apply for a family member to join them in the UK

      UK Spouse Visas: The legal partner of a British citizen resident in the UK may apply for a Spouse Visa. This category includes married couples and those in civil partnerships

      UK Fiancé Visas: This visa category is designed for a couple who intend to become legal partners in the UK

      UK Unmarried Partner Visas: If you and your partner are not married but are in a de facto marriage relationship, you may be eligible to join your partner in the UK

      If a person qualifies for one of the above visas, they may later qualify for indefinite leave to remain and potentially British citizenship.

      Business and Work Visas

      If you are a business seeking to hire EU or EEA workers, you must have a valid sponsor licence. Our expert business immigration lawyers in Newcastle can help you with obtaining this licence.

      If you are an international businessperson seeking to come to the UK for investment or entrepreneurial purposes, we can provide comprehensive support on all aspects of the Tier 1 Investor Visa.

      For international workers seeking to work in the UK, we also provide immigration advice and assistance on the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa application.

      Why choose Newcastle Immigration Lawyers?

      Our experienced team of immigration lawyers can advise and represent you throughout all steps of your case, no matter how complex, giving you expert legal support.

      How can Newcastle Immigration Lawyers help me?

      No matter your immigration needs, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with your application. Our breadth of experience means that we are one of the best immigration law firms in Newcastle.

      Our expert solicitors are ready to work with you on the details of your specific case and provide you with the best legal advice. We ensure that every client feels that they have been listened to and that they are in control of the process throughout.

      We offer the most comprehensive range of immigration services, including immigration advice and guidance on visa applications, eligibility checks, nationality and settlement status checks, and emergency asylum support.

      We engage with the Home Office on your behalf to oversee your visa application. We also provide support through appeals or judicial review processes.

      Our immigration lawyers work with the highest professional standards to help you achieve your immigration objectives

      We have a number of ways you can contact us today, and we look forward to speaking with you about your situation.

      What are the advantages of working with Newcastle Immigration Lawyers?

      There are multiple benefits of hiring a specialist immigration lawyer to help with your individual case. Our outstanding services have helped numerous people with their immigration cases.

      The immigration advice, including the service offerings you get from the legal team, will ease your immigration process.

      You can expect to receive:

      • A comprehensive eligibility assessment on your visa application
      • Advice on the forms of documents you need to submit to the UK’s Home Office
      • Step-by-step support in completing your visa application
      • Liaising with the Home Office on your behalf throughout the application process
      • Urgent support for people who have experienced difficulties in entering the UK

      We also include support with entry clearance applications as well as residence permits for a range of purposes.

      For people seeking to apply for British citizenship, we provide expert support and immigration advice.

      No matter the complexity of your case, our lawyers will work tirelessly to help you succeed. Learn more

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        Where can I meet your UK immigration lawyers?

        Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently unable to receive clients in our offices. However, we are still available over the phone and via secure video calls.

        We have UK immigration lawyer offices in Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 and the following locations:

        • Birmingham
        • London
        • Manchester
        • Leeds
        • Glasgow
        • Aberdeen
        • Bristol
        • Hounslow
        • Liverpool
        • Edinburgh
        • Leicester
        • Belfast
        • Middlesbrough

        We look forward to welcoming you back to the offices when it has been deemed safe to do so, following all health and safety guidelines.

        Call us today, or alternatively, our user-friendly chat function allows you to contact our client care agents to discuss your case.

        What can I expect from my first Advice Session with my lawyer?

        Newcastle Immigration Lawyers are pleased to offer an untimed advice session for potential clients to discuss the specifics of a case and to advise on whether we can help you achieve your goals.

        All clients are assigned a personal immigration adviser to work with them throughout the entire case. Your adviser will provide a detailed framework of the timeline of your case and collaborate with you on the route most likely to be successful. Your initial consultation with our immigration solicitors is crucial to resolving your immigration concerns.

        We will also provide guidance on the documents you need to provide as part of your application. You will have 7 days to ask us any other questions free of charge.

        What is the cost of an immigration solicitor’s services?

        Without reviewing the details of your individual case, we are unable to provide an accurate estimate of the costs.

        Following discussion with your personal immigration adviser, we can provide a full outline of how much your application will cost, along with the expected timeline.

        Our packages are tailored to each individual and take into account the needs and situations of each client. The advantage of engaging a lawyer is that your application is less likely to be delayed or rejected because of our specialist expertise.

        We offer a wide range of immigration services. Get in touch to learn more.

        Speak to our client care team on 0191 303 8965 to find out how we can help you get your desired results and to learn more about our services and packages.

        What is included in the application package?

        The application package is aimed at helping you with immigration. By working with one of our immigration lawyers, you will be provided with a personal immigration adviser who is committed to advancing your case.

        Our premium application package includes the following services:

        • Case review and eligibility assessment
        • Visa qualification requirement investigation
        • Gathering and creating a robust portfolio of supporting documents
        • A letter of recommendation to support your case
        • Liaison with the Home Office on your behalf while your case is in the application stage

        Throughout the process, we will ensure that you are kept up to date on the status of your application and whether we need any further information from you. Immigration Solicitors Newcastle is committed to working tirelessly on your behalf on all your legal immigration needs.

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        We're here to help. You can call, email, or speak to us via Live Chat Learn more

          Request a call back from our immigration experts

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Once we receive your request, we will begin work on your case as soon as possible. We will assign a dedicated and special immigration solicitor to work with you once you have indicated interest to work with us for immigration law issues, such as visa application, indefinite leave to remain, and UK citizenship.

          Your dedicated adviser and immigration lawyer will assist with your application and advise you on how to increase the chances of a successful application.

          At Newcastle Immigration Lawyers, we offer a rapid fast-track application package if you need to access the Home Office’s priority service.

          Our friendly staff can provide further details on what is involved with this service.

          As you may be aware, the Home Office has strict rules about visa expirations and renewals. If you meet the eligibility criteria to continue your stay in the UK, it is important that you meet certain requirements in order to extend or renew your visa.

          The most important point is that you should never stay in the UK past your visa expiration date. There are serious legal consequences, including deportation and refusal to re-enter the UK.

          The Home Office provides a narrow window of time to have your visa and immigration issues sorted properly. So, it would be best if you took action quickly so you stay on the good side of immigration law.

          We are experts in advising on the visa renewal process. Working with your personal adviser, we will support you in identifying your eligibility to extend your stay. Following this, we can complete the relevant forms for submission on your behalf.

          If your visa is due to expire, contact us immediately for further advice or to schedule a video call session with an immigration lawyer.

          There are a number of reasons why your visa application may be delayed. This could include an incomplete or incorrect application to the Home Office. Failure to submit the correct information the first time could result in lengthy delays and additional costs.

          With the support of this Newcastle immigration law firm, you can rest assured that your application is error-free and contains all the required documentation.

          Our immigration lawyers have successfully worked on different visa applications with success.

          We aim for all our clients to have peace of mind regarding the accuracy of their application. If you are looking for the most comprehensive support on your application, get in touch today.

          Yes, we can advise on Visitor Visas and help you to prepare your application. Not all visitors to the UK are required to apply for a visa in order to enter the country. Visit the UK government website to check if you need a UK visa.

          We have years of experience with sorting out immigration issues with a high success rate. Our specialist immigration solicitors are ready to help you with your case. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your application.

          The fee you must pay for an application depends on the type of visa or immigration you are applying for as well as the immigration route you take. Every application accrue fees but the exact fee varies. Our Immigration Solicitors Newcastle can provide advice and help with your application to ensure a successful outcome. Contact us today.