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The Process Of Checking Asylum Case Status Online

The process of making an asylum claim in the UK can be a complex one, with lives at stake and devastating consequences should such cases be declined. Waiting for the post to hear a verdict on an asylum case often feels stressful, but some asylum seekers will be able to monitor their immigration status online.

Whether or not you’re entitled to view asylum case updates through the digital GOV.UK portal, Newcastle Lawyers can help guide you through the asylum process with expert legal advice. Call us today on 0191 303 8965.

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    How Can I Check My Asylum Case Status Online UK?

    There is no one set system for the documentation of all asylum applications online, but where a legal representative is being involved in a claim, they should be able to provide an update directly to the applicant at any time.

    With every asylum claim being judged on its merits, everyone is different and so too are the entitlements for their individual (and their family, if applicable).

    Some applicants will be provided with a GOV.UK UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) online account. This is not an automatic entitlement for asylum seekers, but will apply if the applicant has ever:

    • Applied to the EU Settlement Scheme
    • Used the UK Immigration: ID Check app previously to prove identity when applying for a visa to the country
    • Created an account historically when applying for a visa to the UK.

    A GOV.UK UKVI account allows the user to view their current immigration status for Great Britain – and to use this as proof for others who may need to see it, such as employers or landlords.

    To log into a GOV.UK UKVI account, the user will need:

    • Details of the identification provided originally to create or sign-in to their account (this may have been a passport, national identity card or biometric residence card)
    • Their date of birth
    • Access to either the mobile number or email address used originally to create or sign-in to their account (as a security code will be sent here for verification).

    A GOV.UK UKVI account is actually intended for three purposes: to allow users to share their immigration status, to allow users to update the immigration service on their personal details, and to allow users to check their rights in the UK (ie. the right to work, the right to rent and entitlement to claim any state benefits).

    However, because the system provides live information, those with an asylum claim currently processing can see the status of their case in a way that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

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    If you require a legal representative who will be able to keep you updated on your asylum claim, speak to our legal tean. Contact Us

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      How Can I Check If I’m Entitled To Work In The UK?

      With the current backlog of asylum applications, the British Government has agreed that should an asylum seeker have waited more than 12 months from the date of their initial asylum interview, they may apply for permission to work. This permission will allow an asylum seeker to gain lawful employment in the UK but is limited to professions within a set skills shortage list.

      Permission to work is not an automatic right and is something that must be applied for. Asylum seekers are unable to work until such time that they have had their permission to work formally approved.

      Asylum seekers who have access to a UKVI account online may see if their application for Permission To Work has been successful through the entitlements portion of the system, which will be updated with the legal right to work if and when granted.

      Can I Check My Refugee Status Online?

      The definition of the word ‘refugees’ in the context of an asylum claim is set by the Refugee Council as “people who have fled war, violence, conflict or persecution and have crossed an international border to find safety in another country”.

      There is not currently any online system for refugees to monitor their application status, but the UKVI site will allow for them to see their current UK immigration status if they have access.

      Can I Ask For A UKVI Account At My Asylum Interview?

      The first step of an asylum application is to attend an initial asylum screening with a Home Office immigration services official.

      This usually happens at the border upon entry into the UK but may happen after admittance to the country in some circumstances. Several months later, a more comprehensive interview takes place to discuss at length the reasoning for the individual to claim asylum.

      While a UKVI account cannot be formally requested, it’s worth mentioning to the interviewer if online access to immigration status details would be of benefit.

      How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help You

      Britain is one of several safe countries who accept asylum claims from all around the world, but the process to apply for it is complex and often convoluted. Newcastle Lawyers specialise in immigration law and our expert team can provide the relevant assistance legally to help applications and appeals succeed.

      Whether support is needed on British citizenship or indefinite leave to remain applications, first time applications, complex appeals or cases involving a child or children, our team can help. We will lessen risk as much as possible and guide you through every step of the journey. We work with the Home Office on a daily basis and know their procedures well. We’re also open to work on legal aid or pay-by-case private projects.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Applicants may approach their Home Office asylum caseworker for updates on their case, but in most instances, they won’t receive regular communication. Instead, it’s recommended that those looking to claim asylum in the UK work with a specialist legal representative who can help provide advice and guidance on the process.

                There is no entitlement for anyone to claim benefits from the state while awaiting an asylum or other immigration decision from the Home Office.

                While the Home Office official guidance is that most asylum claims are processed within six months, the current asylum backlog means that it is not uncommon for applications to take 12 months or more.

                There are several appeal routes for rejected asylum applications and it is recommended that those declined contact a specialist legal team such as Newcastle Lawyers for advice. Call our office today on 0191 303 8965 to discuss your circumstances.