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Experienced Fiancé Visa Lawyers

A fiancé visa allows eligible foreign nationals to enter and live in the UK with their fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner for six months.

In addition to helping you with your visa, an experienced fiance visa lawyer can guide you on how to continue living in the UK after six months by switching to a family visa and eventually settle in the country. Call us today on +441913038965 or visit us online, to explore the fiancé visa route and discuss your options with our immigration experts.

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    How Hard Is It to Get a Fiance Visa UK?

    If you are a fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner of a British citizen, an Irish national, or someone settled in the UK, you may be eligible to come and live with them in the country for six months on a fiancé visa.

    You must get married or form a civil partnership within that period and then switch to a spouse visa to continue living in the UK. After living in the UK continuously for five years on a spouse visa, you may be eligible to apply to settle in the country permanently.

    While the fiancé visa route to enter and eventually settle in the UK sounds quite straightforward on paper, the real scenario can be more complex. With its two-pronged approach of detecting marriage/partnership fraud and cutting down net migration, the Home Office rigorously scrutinises all fiancé visa applications to avoid any potential abuse of the immigration rules.

    It is, therefore, not enough to meet the fiancé visa eligibility criteria. You must also convince the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) of the genuineness of your application. The importance of submitting accurate and compelling documentary evidence can never be stressed enough in this context.

    Having your supporting documents in order will not only increase the chances of receiving a positive decision on your visa application, they will also help you present a strong case before the appellate tribunal in case your visa is refused.

    Our expert lawyers can guide you through your fiancé visa application process. Contact Us

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      Why Hire a Lawyer to Help You With the UK Fiancé Visa?

      While you can, of course, complete your fiance visa application process yourself, we strongly recommend you to consider seeking legal help, given the complexities and legalities involved in the UK immigration processes.

      An experienced and knowledgeable fiancé visa lawyer, particularly one with a track record of helping several people in similar situations, can add immense value to the visa application process, not only by providing detailed visa guidance but also assisting you with arranging the supporting documents and filing the application itself.

      Hiring a fiancé visa solicitor as soon as you start planning to move to the UK to join your fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner will help increase chances of a positive outcome of your visa application. In case your application is refused even after a careful preparation, your solicitor will play a pivotal role in preparing your appeal case and representing you before the tribunal.

      How Much Does a UK Fiancé Visa Solicitor Cost?

      It is not possible to provide an accurate cost estimate without knowing your immigration circumstances. The cost of hiring a fiancé visa solicitor varies depending on two main factors:

      • What services you are looking for
      • How complex your case is

      For example, if you want to consult a lawyer only for initial advice, your cost will be much less compared to someone looking for a full package where they need help with collecting documentary evidence or even complete the visa application. Similarly, you will need to hire a lawyer with a higher level of experience or expertise if you are in a complicated immigration situation, which will surely increase your legal costs.

      Irrespective of the cost, please note that it is always advisable having a specialist immigration lawyer guiding and advising your visa application and/or representing you before an appeal tribunal in case of a visa refusal. It will be worth your money to increase your chances of receiving a positive visa decision while making the overall process smoother and more efficient.

      At Newcastle Immigration Lawyers, we offer an untimed advice session for our potential clients to discuss the specifics of a case and to advise on whether we can help them achieve their immigration goals. Get in touch with our legal team on +44 (0)191 303 8965 for an advice session to find out how we can help you and your potential UK fiancé visa cost.

      You will also have seven days after your initial session to ask us any other questions free of charge.

      For more information on documents and procedures pertaining to a fiancé visa application, reach out to us today. Contact Us

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        How Newcastle Immigration Lawyers Can Help

        A refusal of your fiancé visa application may jeopardise your planned family life in the UK. Moreover, a fiancé visa only allows you to enter the UK to get married or form a civil partnership within six months from your arrival date. To continue living in the UK after that, you will need to again apply for a spouse visa.

        Note that having a fiancé visa will not make you automatically eligible for a spouse visa. You will again have to go through the entire process of filing a visa application and submitting required evidence.

        Our Newcastle Immigration Lawyers team has the required knowledge and experience in helping foreign nationals with both their fiancé visa and spouse visa applications.

        Regardless of your requirements and/or the complexities involved in your case, we can help you. Call +441913038965 or visit us online today, to discuss your immigration situation with one of our expert lawyers.

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        Advice Package

        Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals.

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        Application Package

        Designed to make your visa application as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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        Fast Track Package

        Premium application service that ensures your visa application is submitted to meet your deadline.

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        Appeal Package

        Ensure you have the greatest chance of a successful appeal. We will represent you in any case.

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        The Advice Package

        During this untimed Advice Session with our professional immigration lawyers in London, you will receive our comprehensive advice, completely tailored to your needs and your situation.

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          The Application Package

          With our Application Package, your dedicated immigration lawyer will advise you on your application process and eligibility. Your caseworker will then complete and submit your forms to the Home Office on your behalf.

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            The Fast Track Package

            Our Fast-Track Application Package is a premium service for those who need to submit their application in time with their deadlines. Your case will become a top priority for our lawyers and you will benefit from our highest-quality services.

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              The Appeal Package

              By choosing our Appeal Package, you can rely on our lawyers’ legal knowledge and experience to ensure you have the highest chance of a successful appeal. We will also fully represent you in any hearings/tribunals.

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                We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone. Learn more

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Most fiancé visa applications get rejected because applicants either fail to prove a genuine and subsisting relationship, or are unable to meet the financial or English language requirements.

                  In many instances, the aforementioned failures result rather from an incorrect or incomplete understanding of what evidence one can submit than an actual failure to prove a real connection or sufficient financial means.

                  An experienced UK fiancé visa lawyer can help you avoid such scenarios. They can also explore with you what other UK visa options you may have in case you do not meet the fiance visa requirements.