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What Questions Are Asked In A Spouse Visa Interview?

The Spouse visa interview can be daunting to anticipate, and it is important to be as prepared as possible to better your chances of successful approval.

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    Prior to the interview, you will have already submitted your application documents. The interview is the Home Office chance to conduct face-to-face contact with you, and will usually determine the final stage of your application.

    The interview will be conducted by an adjudicating officer, responsible for determining whether your relationship is genuine and whether you meet the requirements of the spouse visa.

    It is important to know that the officer conducting the interview will ask you personal details about you and your spouse, such as relationship history, marriage/partnership details, and your future plans together.

    It is vital you are completely honest and transparent about anything they ask you. The more honest you are, the better chance of your approval.

    The questions the interviewer will ask you are generated solely on the information you have already submitted, so familiarise yourself with what information you have given.

    There are however some common questions they may ask you, so be prepared with an answer to any of the following.

    a happy couple

    Common personal information questions

    • Your spouses full legal name, date of birth, location of birth
    • The details of how you and your spouse met
    • The details of your first date together
    • The details of your proposal, location, date
    • Details about your wedding/partnership (such as where the wedding was held, who was in attendance, how long from the day you met until your wedding day)
    • Details of your honeymoon
    • Your spouses hobbies or interests
    • How do you celebrate your birthdays
    • Details of any children you have together (such as their names, ages, where they were born)
    • Do you know if your spouse has been married before (or know if they have been legally divorced)
    • You and your spouses respective religious backgrounds
    • Your current contact with your spouse
    • Details of the last gift your spouse gave you
    • Does your spouse have any children from previous relationships (such as what are their names, ages, where are they now, are you planning to look after them)
    • Have you met your spouses parents before (their names, location)
    • Details of your spouses educational background
    • The last time you saw your spouse
    • If you have any UK based relatives
    • Where will you live in the UK? (This is usually the address your spouse has given on their application, however if you plan to move after arriving be honest about this and give the new address)
    • Details of your spouses daily routine, such as their day-to-day life, their routine, if they take any medication or have health issues, their general likes and dislikes

    Common employment information questions

    • What do you/your spouse do for a living (job title, job details, location of job, job salary)

    Providing bank or business statements are a way to back this up.

    Common Immigration information questions

    • Whether you or your spouse ever travelled to the UK before
    • Whether either of you have overstayed a visa or visit to the UK before
    • Whether either of you have been refused a visa in the past
    • Whether either of you have any criminal convictions

    Other things to expect at your spouse visa interview

    The interviewer will most likely already know the answer to most of these questions from background checks and through the information you have provided, so it is always advisable to be honest.

    The interviewer is not interested in whether you have a perfect marriage, they just want to know if your marriage is genuine and not a sham. Do not be put off by answering truthfully.

    The interviewer will be able to cross reference your answers with any information you have provided to ensure it is correct and in line with your case.

    You should bring your current valid passport with you.

    It is advisable that you bring all documentation that you have not already submitted with you to your interview.

    These documents must be translated to English, Welsh or Gaelic by a certified translator, and they must not be copies of the original documents.

    You should put together a file of supporting evidence of your marriage/partnership or relationship with your dependant partner (such as marriage certificates, evidence of you both being together such as photographs, social media correspondence, airline tickets, property ownership documents)

    You will be told after the interview has been conducted whether your account was successful or not. If successful, your passport will be stamped and returned to you.





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    How can Newcastle Immigration lawyers help you?

    Obtaining ILR or citizenship is a long process, which can have an uncertain result. Our Immigration team is qualified and ready to help you with visa applications or walking you through the process.

    Navigating visa routes or application forms can be tricky, especially if you speak a different language.

    We have friendly, experienced lawyers waiting to help you with you and your families immigration case today.

    Our list of assistance includes but is not limited to:

    • Provide a Letter of Representation
    • Assist you in completing your application to the best it can be, including fixing errors and proofreading
    • Conduct a thorough document check to make sure everything is included in your application
    • Walk you through eligibility for multiple visas that best suit your needs
    • Help you prepare for both the Life in the UK test and your English language examination
    • Liaise with the Home Office on your behalf throughout the entire process

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